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College of Science

Legal Basis

The College of Science is one of the degree-granting academic units of the University of Eastern Philippines. The college was established as an academic unit by the UEP Board of Regents on June 5, 1996 through Res. No. 49, s. 1996, organizing two colleges, the College of Science and the College of Arts and Communication. The existing staff and programs of the former College of Arts and Sciences were appropriately assigned to the two colleges according to discipline. It started its operation effective first semester School Year 1996-1997, in recognition of the need to establish a center of excellence in the basic sciences.


In its pursuit of excellence, the College of Science holds that science education imbued with patriotism and spirit of humanism is the key to the development of the students with scientific outlook, while firmly rooted in our culture and history and belonging to a global society.


A world class University


To develop the leaders into well-rounded persons imbued with an enlightened sense of nationalism and a strong commitment to service, globally relevant, honest, hardworking, competent, efficient, and effective accelerators of progress.


The College aims to produce graduates who are professionally competent, with scientific and Christian attitudes, true humanists, efficient promoters of environmental protection, facilitators of learning, and are strongly supportive to the national, regional, and provincial development goals.


To foster awareness of the significance of basic and applied sciences, technology and mathematics, its responsibility and application in the local environment.

To develop the ability to think systematically and support the promotion of the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in order to grow and widen their horizon in the context of globalization.

To improve the inter-disciplinary research and extension in the basic and applied sciences, technology and mathematics relevant to the efficient management and utilization of the local resources.

To be an effective instrument in mobilizing scientific and technical expertise to protect and maintain an ecologically-balanced environment.

Academic Programs

The College offers various baccalaureate degree programs which are completed in four years:

Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSBIO))

A program for students who are interested in studying the plants and animals, their environments and habits, and their economic values. It is a preparatory course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology (BSMBIO))

A program which studies the plants and animals of the sea, nature of the ocean, ocean productivity, and love of nature. It aims to discover and explore the possibilities of other food and medicinal sources, and investigate other coastal marine resources.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies (BSES))

A program which focuses on both living and nonliving components of the environment to produce a meaningful relationship. The focus is integrative, holistic, and multidisciplinary approaches in teaching and learning towards a better understanding of the environment.

Bachelor of Science major in Chemistry (BSmChem))

A program designed to train students to become experts in chemistry not only in the teaching profession but also in the industries, and as a preparatory course to the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BSMath)))

A program that trains young students with potentials for research, teaching mathematics courses and for graduate studies. It aims to develop mathematicians for the academe, for government service and for the industry.

>Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(BSIT)

A program which enables students to be aware of latest technology in the field of communication and computers studies. It aims to develop students’ skills and techniques in computers both in software and hardware, including the educational applications of the internet.

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